Review: When Breath Becomes Air

A beautiful gut-wrenching memoir, that is bound to bring you to your knees and make you question your purpose in life, make you question its mortality – where you have come from, where you are headed to, what are your dreams and ambitions, and how do they fit in in the bigger picture which is … Continue reading Review: When Breath Becomes Air

Review: The Memory Box (Virtual “Reality”)

Virtual reality: a reality we live in! A reality we create around us. A reality we believe in. Such is the reality of the virtual world of Caroline, the main character of The memory box. Book Review Plot “Some people are great collectors of secrets. They roll around, like swine, in the muck of them. … Continue reading Review: The Memory Box (Virtual “Reality”)

Review: Love with a Chance of Drowning (Travelogue)

Some of you probably know already from our about page that I am a travel blogger as well. I document my European weekend adventures on And there she goes again. Hence, I could not skip this opportunity to review one of my favorite travel books for the letter T for #AtoZChallenge. Book Review Book Trailer Plot Love with … Continue reading Review: Love with a Chance of Drowning (Travelogue)

Review: The Girl on the Train (Psychothriller)

Today's post is for the letter P for the #AtoZChallenge and all of you can find viewpoints in this post from both of us girls (Nisha and Pikakshi). The main author is Nisha (first person ramblings 😀 ) and Pikakshi's viewpoints are inclusive as well, highlighted in different font color and style. Hope you enjoy … Continue reading Review: The Girl on the Train (Psychothriller)