Review Policy

  1. We accept requests for reviews which should be sent to us by email at: In the email, please include:
    • Title and Author,
    • Short Description of the book and its genre,
    • Link on Goodreads and/or Amazon (if available),
    • Inform us if you are interested in a giveaway!
  1. We always try to provide suggestions for Bookish accessories (from Amazon or similar websites) that might be related to a book that we have reviewed and might be of interest to our readers.
  2. We make it a point to provide an honest, non-influential opinion about a book and we reserve the right to share our opinions with our readers.
  3. We strongly encourage the upcoming and self-publishing writing community, given that we, ourselves, are an upcoming blog!
  4. We are willing to host author interviews and guest reviews on our blog as and when we come across opportunities where we can help realize mutual interests.


Genres we accept:

  • Humor
  • Fiction
  • Romance
  • Memoirs and Autobiographies
  • Crime Thrillers
  • Non-Fiction

Where do we post our reviews:

  • We post our reviews on books on this blog and Goodreads,
  • We also cross post on all our social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, BlogLovin and Google Plus, and sometimes on Amazon as well.

Book formats that we prefer:

  • We love the smell of new and fresh books,
  • Given our locations (Europe and India), we also accept ebooks (epub, or mobis).

How often do we review:

  • Given our busy schedules, we plan to review an average of two books a week (one by each of us) if it’s a standalone version and not a very lengthy read. If it is part of a series, we plan to review all the books in the series together to have a proper layout of the timeline and story plot.
  • We can not guarantee the time it would take us to provide a requested review. Neither do our agreement to a requested review guarantee a review post for the book on our blog. It’s subject to how we rate the book and if we find it inspiring enough to write about it.


Rating interpretation:



We loved the book so much that we can’t get enough of it, can’t stop fan-girling over it and can’t stop talking about it! We highly recommend such books.


We liked the good. We might have a thing or two to critique over the book, but we would definitely recommend it.


We found the book an interesting read, however, not one of our best finds. Might be worth your time though.


Any rating for two or less than two stars may/may not be reviewed on the blog, since we didn’t really like the book enough in our honest opinion.


We found the book so unappealing to our interests that we couldn’t even finish it.