Review: ABCs of Horror

Horror fiction has always been a genre that spooks me enough to run for the hills. I don’t read horror. Why scare a potential reader into not reading your book? But this year, I have been reading genres that I wouldn’t usually go for. So horror has been an easy shoe-in in this category of out-of-my-comfort-zone-genres. I decided to take it easy instead of jumping the gun with It, however suitable the time it may be to read about Pennywise given Halloween and whatnot. Nuh-uh! All scary Stephen King’s aside, I picked up ABCs of Horror, and here goes my review for it.

I have held onto reviewing this book so as not to sound biased and give the book a fair chance to gather its audience, given that I have also edited the book while it was still in the works.

Name of the bookABCs of Horror
AuthorAnmol Rawat
GenreHorror, Anthology
Rating5 scary stars 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻
SummaryABCs of Horror is a collection of ghastly tales that binds different forms of terrors together in a riveting narrative, which feels as real as the entity sitting right behind you when you are home alone, getting freaked out by even a gust of air.

There is a dreadful treasure here for every reader: haunted houses, rise of the Devil, paranormal sightings, Voodoo, and much more. The author has put together promising stories for every alphabet that are guaranteed to scare you out of your wits and question the presence of the supernatural.

Pick up the book as the night crawls by for feeling those chills creeping up your skin and your heart beating out of your chest. Source: Goodreads

About the Book

ABCs of Horror really intrigued me from the beginning, primarily for two reasons:

  1. The book has been phenomenally written by an upcoming, promising and an Indian author.

I was introduced initially to the writing style of the author via his regular blogs and his writing style has continued to interest me. In addition, I sense an emotion of calmness in his writing that really appealed to me while reading the book. I know, the irony isn’t lost on me either. Sensing calmness in horror fiction! Well, it’s the author’s writing style that I love. Moreover, in spite of an Indian author, I reckon his storytelling skills are gathering enough of an international audience that I feel like a proud mama-bear. Kudos to Anmol for that!

  1. The style of the book, i.e., a collection of 26 short horror flicks is something that I could handle without shitting the bed.

A to Z of horrorful fictional storytelling is a unique and a challenging style to go by and I applaud the author for taking this chance. We don’t really come across such writing patterns in general. I recently interviewed Anmol and got to know about his writing process.

Check out what Anmol has to say about the book – in an exclusive interview – here!

In a nutshell, 30 days of non-stop writing is what he has done. To top it off, the stories are topic-oriented, which are further organized alphabetically. A huge mettle to accomplish in my opinion, and these topic oriented stories did not disappoint me – as a reader, and as an editor.

This book is cursed!

The book is easy to read. I finished it in one sitting, without being spooked enough, yet the author drives home the horror factor in a graceful, effortless way. Simply creating a fearful aura for the readers is NOT what this book is about. It’s about disgust, anger, fear, vengeance, inexplicable unnatural phenomena, murder, mystery, and so many different elements that contribute towards the making of this book. There were stories which left me so disgusted that I was angry at the author, while also being impressed by him at the same time. Ordinance, Justified, Voodoo, The Last Lullaby are some among many of these.

Hush little baby don’t say a word.

Papa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird..

The story plots are equally revolting, terrifying and beautifully carved, the characters balanced in their personalities, or rather ill-balanced, if need be. The author leaves much to the imagination of the readers in many stories, which again, is a well-paid risk. Horror usually works that way I guess. The more one has to imagine while on the edge of their seats, the higher the impact is. I did notice a few repetitions in scene settings here and there, but the stories are all unique and disgusting in their own ways and highly appeal to the fear factor one looks for in such books.

Grab your copies now!

I’d highly recommend reading this book if you are looking for an easy read, full of frightening stories that cover a roller coaster of emotions ranging from suspense and drama to disgust and ghostly appearances.

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