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Autumn is here already guys. Time does fly! There is definitely a certain nip in the air, but if you are staying somewhere near Delhi, you must also be sweating like a hag during the days while the air conditioning is still working. Cue the global warming anthem!

So I haven’t been posting in a while .. things have been dragging slowly and I have had somewhat of a blogger’s block. Times a changin now, and motivation strikes me mostly during 2 in the morning, hence this post.

Chester Bennington’s passing away, on my birthday at that, has been emotionally draining! But I feel we both are now eternally connected in a minuscule way! All other sorts of crazy stuff has been happening around in the world, and what better way to deal/escape from this craziness than by getting into the fictional world of books!

**Sticks her head in the sand**

So, I have been reading a lot the past few months, trying to catch up with my Goodreads 2017 Challenge, mostly during nights and some hours here and there during the days. I have also, pretty much, become a gym rat now, which makes me immensely pleased.

I’m still lagging far behind in the GR challenge though!!

2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
Pikakshi has
read 27 books toward
her goal of
50 books.

The key is to strike a balance between quality and quantity and it can be somewhat of a hard task to accomplish, i.e., reading books that interest you, satisfy you, educate you and inspire you! So, I decided to go through a mix of genres to keep things interesting. Genres such as mythological fiction, suspense thrillers, historical fiction, fantasy, young adult, romance and horror. I hope to post reviews on most of the books I have read in the coming weeks. 

Currently Reading

  • I have been doing a Harry Potter Marathon and raising the stakes three times at that! Stephen Fry’s audiobooks along with reading the hard copies, followed by watching the movie! It’s a lot of investment time-wise, but I have really come to like these audiobooks and I can’t think of a better way to read these books. He is simply a delight. I’d highly recommend listening to these books, if you haven’t already! Of course, watching the movies is a thrill in itself, and I’m merely a human! It takes me around a week on an average when reading each of these books. Currently, I’m reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


  • In order to balance things out, I have been alternating between a J.K. Rowling book, followed by a book of a different genre. It keeps my mind engrossed and I don’t go crazy visualizing flying brooms, golden snitches and boggarts – as they say, keeping the demons at bay 😄 So far, I have read these books as shown below to enlist a few (of course, in addition to the HP craziness) – all on my Kindle. 


Future Reads

My TBR pile is ever-so-growing. Sometimes the larger number of to-read books than the ones that I have already read bothers me more than I’d like to admit. But, I still keep adding books to the TBR pile like a woman on a mission. Any fellow bookster would understand this agony!

I’d like to read some of the highly anticipated books that have released this year, such as:

These are some of the books that I want to get my hands on. Time will tell how many I actually can! Can’t wait to do just that though.

Apart from crazy reading marathons and planning the future reads, I have also been catching up with some good TV series.

I need recommendations for more though. Please leave some suggestions in the comment section, you guys! Genres such as suspense thrillers and action dramas (court room dramas) are always pleasurable for me.

Now that the blogging motivation fairy has struck her wand over me, I have planned loads of posts for the upcoming months. Be on the lookout for some interesting action on this space!

I’m eager to hear what sorts of books all you booksters have been reading in the past few months. Leave your comments and suggestions, if you want me to write about specific books or book related stuff!

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