Underdogs of the Literary World

The world of literature is full of characters that we love, hate, hate to love, or love to hate. Then there are characters who play brief roles (or even bigger roles, for that matter) as far as the whole plot is concerned and may have little to no influence on the outcome of the story. … Continue reading Underdogs of the Literary World

The Ultimate Game of Thrones

Winter is coming! For some of you, this is a stupid sentence (as summers have just arrived). But rest of you already have fast heartbeats! Regardless of the season, these three words mean a lot to the fan of the fantasy world of Westeros! Yes! Today we are talking about Game of Thrones, the books/show that … Continue reading The Ultimate Game of Thrones

The magical world of Elves

Yes! Elves! Today we are gonna talk about the mythical creatures that we have come to adore from the famous The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. Although Elves have been primarily fictional characters in the modern world, it has not always been true. In the past centuries, the belief in the existence of elves … Continue reading The magical world of Elves


Daring, Disciplined, Dedicated, Devoted and Delightful – Prof. Dumbledore! The wise Prof. Albus Dumbledore of the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling is our pick for Day 4 of the #AtoZChallenge2017. When I think of the afore-mentioned qualities and add magic to them, no one else but Dumbledore comes to my mind. He is witty, … Continue reading Dumbledore