#AToZChallenge Theme: Bookish Delights

Readers of the Night is still a toddler, learning every day to crawl and eventually stand on its feet. So we thought, why not use the support of the blogging community to help us let this toddler off the ground!

As a matter of fact, we have decided to take off our blog by participating in the A to Z Challenge organised by the A to Z Challenge Blog. It’s pretty neat actually.


It’s a blogging challenge for the month of April where for every day of this month (except Sundays), the participants are expected to post an article for every letter of the alphabet for 26 days on their respective blogs adhering to a theme declared by these participants.

The Letter Schedule for April 2017

Letter dates rev

All we had to do was register for the challenge, which we did via The BlogChatter Community, think of a theme for the challenge and voila, we are ready to go (of course, we would have to actually publish for 26 days to get this thing off the ground and earn that sweet sweet A to Z Challenge Survivor Badge).

So, since what we have is a book blog, we have thought of a theme that suits the interests of the reading community, yet not confining us to just book reviews. We want to facilitate our reading enthusiasts with not only discussions about stereotypical book heroes, strong female inspiring authors, reading as a hobby vs reading as a passion, and so many more mind boggling things, but also provide them our honest views of some of the interesting reads that we have come across as well as provide them with an open window towards making reading more interesting (be it with state-of-the-art limited edition graphic novels or customized bookmarks or DIY bookshelf beautifying tips).

#AToZChallenge Theme Reveal

We hope to survive this challenge while putting forward interesting articles for the readers while learning a thing (or hundred) along the way! Based on our goal, our theme for this challenge is…drum roll, please…Bookish Delights!


If you have any questions regarding the theme or our blog in general, please leave a message below! We will be super excited to hear from you!


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