About Us

Hello everyone! Welcome to our blog. We are childhood friends, who got to know each other through our mutual hatred of Physics laws and all things obnoxious.

While both of us are most likely opposite personalities, what’s unifying is our mutual aspirations for reading whatever good we get our hands on and writing whenever we can. So, we decided to join forces for a noble cause.. book blogging (duh!) and spice things up!! Both of us, like people everywhere, are always busy with day-to-day tasks of making a living (and then burning it on shopping); that we manage to spare time only in the night (or while gruesome travel hours, or boring lectures, or annoying dates) for escaping into a book. Hence the name!



My name is Pikakshi, and I’m a through and through proud bookaholic. I have been into books & reading ever since I remember, and thought it was high time now to start documenting whatever interesting reads I come across. I have always loved to express & share ideas & opinions, and come to think of it, what’s more fascinating than gushing over our fantasy characters and castles! 







Still here? Well, hello then! I am Nisha and I am a proud bookaholic as well. Books became a  big part of my life a few years ago when I moved to a new country (Germany) leaving my friends and family behind. They provided me with friends (mostly imaginary), conversation topics and helped me settle into a new world. You can often find me trotting around in Europe on weekends and books are my best travel companions. 




Now, our mutual love for books brought us together to build something beautiful for you. This book blog celebrates our love for reading and our friendship. Please bear with us as we meander along this new horizon.

On this blog, you can expect to see book reviews (specifically targeted to the Romance Fiction, Fantasy, Historical fiction, Humour & Comedy, Memoirs, and Crime Thriller genres), as well as discussions about random bookish things and friendship!

Come join us and celebrate the wonder of reading and books with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, BlogLovin, GoodReads, and Pinterest where we will be fan-girling over whatever next amazing book we find. Feel free to leave your comments and subscribe for our fun emails.