“No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.”

– Lady Montague


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Getting lost in books, humming songs, dancing fervently & enjoying cups of tea are things that define me. I’m a wannabe writer, a recent book editor, a cupcake fanatic and lover of all things pink & sparkly. I believe in the long forgotten art of writing poems and love notes 💖 Read more…

Pikakshi Manchanda

A proud bookaholic that I am, I love all things books. My love for coffee goes hand in hand with my night-owlish schedule of reading (and sometimes working). I believe in (the wizarding world of) magic, and thus, keep exploring different cities and countries in search of Elves and Goblins. Read more…

Nisha Dalal

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Mini Reviews: Zzzzzing through books

The letter for today’s post is Z and it certainly isn’t an easy one to make this day end. We have been brainstorming since morning about what to do, and have been coming up zero, zilch, nada…! And those are not topics that we came up with .. that was actually what we had to … Continue reading Mini Reviews: Zzzzzing through books

Young Adult! Here are our favorites!

The young adult genre is quite straightforward in terms of its interpretation: books written for readers in youth. Although this genre already spans over different genre, they are still consistent with the characters’ age and ‘coming out of age’ issues. Although most “adults” disregard Young Adult books as teenage books, we are proud readers of … Continue reading Young Adult! Here are our favorites!

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